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Who we are

We are an investment company registered in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. Our primary business objective is designing, structuring, financing and administration of innovative projects put into practice by an innovative startup or high-growth company.

Our management resources with international and entrepreneurial experience will help you to successfully build your future-oriented entrepreneurial venture. To ensure a stable implementation of individual projects, we provide independent, long-term capital, situationally up to a majority stake.

In the interest of our clients, together with our partners we place great emphasis on confidentiality and top-quality services to ensure agreed overall goals. Our concern for quality service and our attention to detail, combined with our experience, personally and professionally, in dealing with financial and project management help us to provide expert advice to our clients.

We focus on topics with a strategic fit for our investment portfolio. We maintain this through our Steering Committee, which is staffed with experts.


What we do



We offer active management with the goal of building and expanding our holdings in a long-term, stable and competitive manner. Our commitment is characterized by:

  • Sustainable development and growth promotion
  • Support and development of the management team
  • Active support in resource planning and derivation of measures
  • Agreeing and reviewing milestones



We actively assist in conducting feasibility studies and provide R&D resources as needed and appropriate to the topic. Our activities are characterized by:

  • Support in RBV analyses and result evaluations.
  • Value chain analyses and product development plans
  • Holistic IT security concepts, according to ISO/IEC 27001
  • Active support in cross-linking of value chain elements



We actively assist in the development and implementation of robust financial planning. We offer our expertise in the areas of:

  • Sustainable support in establishing effective controlling and risk management.
  • Active risk diversification by means of a continuously maintained exit strategy
  • Critical support in the development of organic and inorganic growth strategies
  • Holistic support in setting up a refinancing situation/-structure


What we've been working on

Colorful geranium argus butterfly pollinating flower.


unique and exclusive mineral NPK fertilizer made from purely organic materials

but much more than just a NPK fertilizer!

  • offers the effectiveness of a classic mineral fertilizer.
  • avoidance of CO2 in our production process and ability to actively bind CO2
  • achieves soil carbon enrichment and soil improvement
  • soiling® makes plant nutrients of organic waste available to plants even without soil and in soilless supply systems
Water bubble and waves. Duotone. Blue natural background.


Subsurface irrigation system - economical, ecological and innovative

More than just a hose!

  • efficient distribution of water and fertilizer directly at root
  • consumption of water can be reduced by 70%
  • fruitful harvest
  • everlasting material - safe before frost and rodents - no calcifying
  • over its entire length our porous hose sparkles water and fertilizer
  • unique engineering process for the production of our hose
FNHB AG | Management, Engineering & Financing

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